• Print by pouchi_artist| Rainbow Cat

Print by pouchi_artist| Rainbow Cat

Title: Rainbow Cat

Description: Your purrsonality is so brilliantly colorful, it's like you're streaking through the Galaxchat on a neon rainbow sled. We demand more of your feline fabulousness – the world is desperately low on glitter-coated, whisker-tickling chaos, and you're just the cat for the job!

Finish: Smooth semi-gloss

Tickness: 7.4 pt

Size: 18 X 24

Size: 8.5 X 11

Size: 5 X 7

Artist Bio:

Pouchi_artist, alias Isabelle Tremblay, is a graduate of CEGEP du Vieux Montreal en Arts Plastiques et en Dessin Anime. She is a graphic animation artist and director with over 10 years’ experience in the industry in Quebec. As a character and set artist and 2 D animator she has participated in the production of several Quebec animated children series as well as two movies shown at the ANIMAZE: Montreal International Animation Film Festival.

In her spare time Pouchi focuses on her own unique art. Her latest creation is this series of cat illustrations. The characters show a curious retro style, filled with humor and brought to life with a flamboyant color palette.

Ing: pouchi_artist

All rights/copyright are retained by the artist PouChi.

Designs, illustrations and images may not be stolen, traced, copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way for

commercial or personal use.

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