• Vintage Style Camper Trailer | Colour 5

Vintage Style Camper Trailer | Colour 5

These are non-functioning trailers, designed and built for indoor use only.

Give your indoor pet the sense of roaming and life on the open road with one of these unique pet houses. Designed for small to mid-sized pets the large door provides easy access and plenty of room to turn around. The windows permit your friend the visibility to watch you from the security of this little house. The choice of paint schemes, and themes allows you to customize these little beauties to be an attractive addition to any room in your home.

All our pet houses are made from reclaimed and repurposed materials. They are designed and built to provide a sturdy and long-lasting shelter for your pet for many years.

Dimensions:36 inches long, 16 ½ inches high, 15 ¾ inches deep

Colours Single or two tone.

Details/Options: Pet name plateeautiful Vintage style trailer, 

  • $235.99